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Norwegian band WintherStormer must sure as hell make the pillars of heaven shake whenever the electrical arcs of their synths brave the frigid air (Darren Bergstein, e/i Magazine)

Happy New Year! WintherStormer will start the new year with a concert. Stay tuned!

WintherStormer is an electronic diffusion tutti band from Norway. The musicians perform with analog gear. They improvise music directly, manually, live and without preprogrammed aid. The music is a mixture of Berlin school electronic music, prog rock, Kraut and free-form improvisation, and they call their music Woodwork.

The band has for 22 years played concerts, released CDs and participated in festivals, art exhibitions and lectures, and they also arrange analog synth gatherings to build a community for synthesizer music in Norway.

Band members - from left in the photo above:

Terje Winther: analog synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards, electronics

Atle Pakusch Gundersen: guitar, electronics, vocoder, theremin, electronics

Previous members

Erik Stormer

Geir Marthin Helland

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